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This body of work was commissioned by TCA for Emirati Expressions 2015. The

Documentation of social, sports & cultural clubs in Abu Dhabi. This definitely stemmed from an intense interest in Interest in the unique architecture of space and of by gone eras. Clubs and cultural institutions in Abu Dhabi have certain historical values in terms of when they were established and the roles that they have played in shaping the social & cultural community.

The clubs serve as a plateau that bridges individuals with society. People mingle, socialize, communicate and develop their skills in these clubs playing a huge role in shaping and forming the society we live in.

ABUDHABI MARINE CLUB_edited_edited_edited
The Globe
Palm Trees
The Theatre
The Brown Sofas
The Mural
VIP Area
Children's Play Area
Sheikh Zayed Majlis
The Library
Brown Sofas
TCF Theatre Room
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