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The word Sahwa is Arabic for awakening, it is the revival or rebirth of an individual or thing and literally means waking up. I see the act of conserving and restoring an act of revival giving these artifacts a second chance at life.


It was a humbling to be in the presence of the master battling through to preserve the longevity, aesthetic and functionality of the artworks at hand. It was equally humbling to be in the presence of our human history represented through jewelry, urns, vessels and various domestic objects.


This exploration of space and time concluded in the art conservator’s space is a true ode to the human experience and its heritage. I was fortunate to be allowed a peek into this world of preservation, restoration and document a small part of a conservator’s journey amidst these historically laden elements. In return the outcome of it all is my own photographic rendition of preservation and storytelling.

Sahwa BW untitled 1
Sahwa BW untitled 2
Sahwa BW untitled 3
Sahwa BW untitled 4
Sahwa BW untitled 5
Sahwa BW untitled 6
Sahwa BW untitled 7
Sahwa BW untitled 8
Sahwa BW untitled 9
Sahwa untitled 1
Sahwa untitled 2
Sahwa untitled 3
Sahwa untitled 4
Sahwa untitled 5
Sahwa untitled 6
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