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The Queen Elisabeth 2 or QE2 is a retired ocean liner that was launched by Her Royal Majesty Queen Elisabeth in 1967, with its first maiden voyage taking place in 1969 until it's final voyage on the 11th of November 2008. The hotel now is owned by Dubai World & functions as a floating hotel residing in Port Rashid in Dubai.


For everyone who knows me, will understand my fascination with history and visual narratives in space. Walking through this magnificent floating structure was like walking into a candy store. Both exciting and nerve wrecking.


It was quite an overwhelming experience as every room had a very different character and different mood. The intensity of the colors and the old school charm that the boat possessed architecturally talked of bygone eras.

Elevators & stairs
Guest reception area
Café Lounge Area
The Mauretania
Gambling machines for display only
The Main Hall
Art Deco Chartroom
The Staircase
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