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Every Saturday my immediate family would meet for lunch at my paternal grandparent’s house in Al Khawaneej, Dubai. Prior to my maternal grandmother’s death, we used to meet at her house every Friday. As days go by these intimate gatherings of madness and folly dissipate. In the past few years I had made sure that my camera was a present active member in these gatherings exploring all details that constitute our kinship and family dynamic.


This body of work is my desire to find that quiet spot, the overlooked forgotten details that make up family. I search for the humanness amidst the madness, the beauty amidst the chaos, the life amidst the lifeless. There is beauty in chaos but only when looked at from a far.

Teddy Bear
Dining Table
Quran Chair
Tea & Gahwa
My Grandmother
My Grandfather and two rifles
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