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Being a mother and wife, I yearn for the quiet moments where I can enjoy my cup of coffee in peace, where Mickey Mouse songs don't linger in my head indefinitely and where I can send an email in ten minutes and not wait hours later to be able to send a one liner. The many deaths in my family in the last three years have also contributed to the appreciation of these delicate sensate moments.  It’s not just the traces people leave behind that intrigued me to further document these moments, but also suggestions of human activity. Like all my work, my photographs are void of physical human presence, but yet strongly depict a presence or attendance of some form. My desire for seclusion, and my grieving for our inevitable fate has lead me to find beauty in ordinary things and bring to life these reticent moments in time.

Coffee Pot & Pigeon
AlMadinah Car Park
After Lunch
National Day
My Birthday
Chairs & Coffee pot
Abandonned Shell
The Tailor
National Day Sheila
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