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As the old zoo awaits its undetermined fate, it was important that I document it before it ceases to exist. Now I am not an advocate of animals in captivation or enclosed communities and this documentation project is by no means one which serves as criticism or a social commentary. The appeal with this abandoned site is directly linked to my fascination with abandoned uninhabited spaces in general. Why you may ask? Because ironically to me it’s in these desolate places that life can be found. Traces of existence, whether happy or sad, depict life, stories untold. Life resonates within. The zoo has played a vital role in my childhood growing up, with limited recreational outlets in my hometown Dubai many moons ago, it did offer families, and individuals alike, a chance to escape the monotony of everyday life and immerse themselves in what seemed like a fantasy setting.

The Dubai zoo first opened its doors in 1967. It has recently close down in November of 2017. The animals have now been allocated to bigger more spacious grounds at the safari.

I would like to thank Dubai Municipality for allowing me to document the zoo.

Zoo Entrance
Growing Nature
Wall Mural Palmtrees
Blue Wall
Giraffe Quarter
The Walkway
The Blue Bench
Bathing Grounds
Lonely White Bench
The Fan
A Play of light and dark
Bird Enclosure
Gorilla Mural
The Den
Al Andaleeb Zoo Store
Fly Away
The Exit
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