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Documentation of abandoned and soon to be abandoned spaces in the United Arab Emirates primarily Dubai, Sharjah & Ajman, This body of work is a visual journey through spaces and rooms that express character and identity through their lack of physical attendance; it documents the space and the visually non-existent characters. These spaces consume the viewer and a narrative is formed. They speak of lives that once existed or still exist and depict the sad notion of estrangement. The characters are present in the details trapped in these places. They provide an insight into their private lives. A new culture and a new past will evolve from the reminiscent of the estranged.

Pink Majlis
The Beige Majlis
Dining Room
Massage Chair
The Blue Majlis
Pink Ninja
Gold Majlis
The Orange Bedroom
My Grandfather's Majlis
The Brown Bedroom
The Blue Door
My GreatGrandmother's Bathroom
Pink Box
The Staircase
The Green Room
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